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Earlier this month I had an opportunity filming Lisa and Kyle's wedding in San Jose. The ceremony was located at the Pulgas Water Temple in Redwood City. It's one of the most beautiful wedding venues that I had ever been to. The couple were so cute and so in love I can see how badly they have been waiting for this moment to come. The most touching part of the wedding is the vow. They both cried when speaking their vows and many guests were crying, too!

Here is the highlight film of the wedding. Prepare yourself a tissue box before watching!

Photography: Vinh Nguyen Photography

Cinematography: Amy Hung Films and Photography

Makeup and Hair: Beauty By Melanie P.

Music: Sail Away - Close And Far (Instrumental)

Hotel: Hotel De Anza

Ceremony Venue: Pulgas Water Temple, Redwood City

Reception Venue: Dynasty Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Another photo session with Sonia. She is turning 24 this weekend! We went to Campbell community center and it turns out it was a great place to shoot photos. The ritual buildings, beautiful landscaping and a place full of young kids playing all kinds of sports. The day was hot, but we had fun!

Last weekend I was asked to take photos for Sanvi's Rice Ceremony. Rice Ceremony is an Indian traditional Indian ceremony for infants who reach 6 months old. It symbolized the kids first time eating "real-food". As a Chinese, I understand how important these traditions are. We have ceremonies starting from babies in four months (Anti-Drooling Ceremony). It's always a lovely experience to learn the cultures through event like this.

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