It was such a fun day photographing the Hua's kids. Shawn and Charlotte are those kids who are super photogenic and do not shy away from the camera. I love how they looked so candid on the pictures. And that's why I love photographing kids.

Shawn 和 Charlotte 一家人去年剛從台灣搬來矽谷。同是台中人的媽媽,是標準氣質美女,生出來的小孩,當然也是超級可愛! 為了這次拍照,我翻箱倒櫃的找出玩具和道具,連我們家的狗兒子也派上用場。Shawn 和 Charlotte 很配合,邊玩邊拍照,每張照片都純真自然!

First day of April, I spent my time doing no fools but photographing my sister, who is a violist and also an architect. Unlike me, I'm more of a rock n roll type of girl, she has been playing classical violin for almost 20 years. We found a land near the new Bart Station in Milpitas where it has a big grass area by the road. I love how the color of the violin in contrast with the color of the grass. It was a beautiful sunny day with almost zero clouds in the sky. I had fun photographing her while listening to the violin and the music from earth.


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