June 3, 2017

Jenny and Po-chao are expecting twins this summer. I was more than excited to be able to document this important moment of their lives. I have known the two for over 5 years now. It's amazing just to think that they will be the parents of two boys within a month. I can't wait to meet the babies! 

May 2, 2017

I'm in love with the recent trend of moody portraits and Audrey is the perfect subject for it. Last Sunday early in the morning, we met at one of the hottest coffee shops in San Francisco. No preps, no warm-ups, Audrey instantly fell into the exact mood I was looking for. 

April 19, 2017

Peter and I have known Lulu's parents for almost 10 years now. One and half years ago, the family has welcomed their very first baby girl, Lucille. Lucille (Lulu) is natural photogenic. She smiled and laughed on commend! It was such a lovely Sunday afternoon spending time with the family and their little girl. 

April 17, 2017

Last Friday I was at the Alviso Marina County Park taking pictures for the Sarkar Family. The Sarkar family has been living in the Bay area for over 6 years. With their newly addition to the family - Sanvi, they want me to capture the beautiful family of four before the baby girl turning 6 months old.  

上禮拜幫Sarkar一家四口拍全家福照,地點是Alviso Marina County Park,灣區靠近內灣的生態保護區。Sarkar...

April 7, 2017

影片後製是我一直很喜歡的項目。Adobe Premiere 和 After Effect算是影片製作最常接觸到的軟體。自從開始自學這些軟體之後,才發現這領域真是無底洞!也讓我開始研究各式各樣的影片後製技巧。

這幾天看到一個Instagram有人分享Cinemagraph的影片 ─ 一杯黑咖啡的照片,上方牛奶直直的倒入透明的咖啡杯裡,竟然會動!就是所謂的「會動的照片」。看了他的註解,發現這是用一個手機app - Flixel做出來的。點進去Flixel他的網站,一年竟然要高達$200美金!真是太坑錢了吧!生氣之餘,我跑去Youtube查其他製作Cinemagraph的方法。以下教大家如何用Adobe Premiere 製作Cinemagraph :

1. 首先用腳架拍一小段影片。注意:會動的照片表示只有一小部分的影像會動,所以拍片的時候,把重點放在會動的部份,...

April 4, 2017

First day of April, I spent my time doing no fools but photographing my sister, who is a violist and also an architect. Unlike me, I'm more of a rock n roll type of girl, she has been playing classical violin for almost 20 years. We found a land near the new Bart Station in Milpitas where it has a big grass area by the road. I love how the color of the violin in contrast with the...

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