June 21, 2017

Working with Haley on a weekday afternoon in downtown San Francisco is a blast. Haley is a fashion student and a part-time model. She reminds me of those cool kids in school that I never get to hang out with. By meeting her and get to know her, I learn that she is not only beautiful but also sweet. The location I picked for her is at the Embarcadero Center. I chose the place beca...

April 6, 2017

這幾天幫朋友的小孩拍照,順便幫小妹妹做了一個gif動畫檔。 gif 是壓縮至極小的網路動畫檔案。現在我們常用他來做溝通軟體裡的貼圖。要自己做gif 檔不難,現在市面上有手機軟體可以免費製作。這裡教大家如何用Photoshop做gif動畫檔。Photoshop也可以做影片?很神奇吧!

1. 先打開要製作成影片檔的照連續照片(3-4張),用photoshop 或是其他軟體剪成適合的大小

2. 把剪好的照片放在同一個檔案裡,分成三個layer  

3. 打開Window tab, 選擇Timing  

 4. 這時,視窗下面會跑出選項,選擇"Create Frame Animation"

 5. 點擊左下角的時間軸圖案,就可以看到時間軸

6. 將重疊再時間軸的layer分開,時間分配為每個layer 0.10秒

7. 移動大山小山圖像,就可以調整工作台上時間軸的相...

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