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Peggy's Kitchen

Peggy's Kitchen is a gourmet wedding cake and dessert bakery located in the beautiful city of San Diego. Peggy and I started this bakery with a dream of creating beautiful and tasty desserts. Within two years, we have grown from nobody to a well-known brand in the community. Many locals are drawn by our cakes and desserts, includes famous fashion blogger - Cubical Chic. If you ever had the chance to visit San Diego, don't forget to contact Peggy's Kitchen and order a cake or a fruit tart. It will be the highlight of your trip!

去年的這個時候因為P換工作,我們從聖地牙哥搬到矽谷。離開陽光沙灘海洋的南加州,一開始很不習慣。更不習慣的是要離開Peggy's Kitchen。Peggy's Kitchen 是我和Peggy一起創立的蛋糕甜點工作室。甜點研發跟製作大部分由Peggy一手掌控,我的工作則是幫甜點們拍出可口的照片和拍攝一些甜點製作的影片。其實更多的時間,我是負責「試吃」!Peggy's Kitchen 目前開業已兩年,並擁有忠實的客群。有機會去聖地牙哥的朋友們,不妨去嚐嚐Peggy的甜點,還有客製蛋糕的服務喔!

Peggy's Kitchen Facebook 粉絲頁

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