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Sonia - A Portrait Photography Session in Downtown San Jose

If you read Sonia's blog, it's hard to believe that these matured, straight-forward and deep words are coming from this sweet beautiful young girl. I met her in downtown San Jose for the first time and was immediately felt in love with her energy and personality. I am always intrigued by how people can become influencers in the digital world. Sonia is not just a beautiful face or a fashion icon, she is the person with strong minds and doesn't afraid to speak out.

第一次跟模特兒合作,專業的果然不一樣,隨便站著、做著、頭髮甩一甩都是像拍廣告一樣。Sonia 是印度/歐洲混血,才25歲已經是模特兒/部落客/創業家!見到陽光、活潑的Sonia, 很難想像和部落格裡風格成熟穩重,寫著自己在生活上的心得和對時事的想法的女孩是同一人。我們選在San Jose Downtown 拍照。Sonia 的衣服是由一個英國的服飾新創公司提供(@tashfaceeee)。是該開始買夏天的衣服囉,女孩們!

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