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Sissy - A Fashion Photography Session in San Francisco

I know Chic_dev (her Weibo and instagram name) through a mutual friend who is also a photographer. My friend told me that there is a beautiful Chinese blogger in San Francisco, you should totally take photos of her. The first time I met Chic_dev, I was blew away by her look. She has this look of classic Asian beauties. Her eyes are what we called "Eyes of a Phoenix", which appearently only beautiful Chinese women have them.

I've learned that she is a fashion blogger on Weibo, which is the biggest social media platform in China. She has over 10K flowers and the numbers are growing. She is also very smart. Graduated from CMU, she is a computer science engineer by weekdays, and fashion blogger by weekends.

We spent few hours in Mission District, San Francisco while I took a series of photos of her. We found two walls that have murals conincentally match both of her outfits. It was such a fun day.

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