Laura and Greg - Wedding Videography in Oakland, CA

"Thank you for letting me be myself and accepting all my cords. Thank you for letting my love yours, I love all of you." Congrats to Laura and Greg! You guys are made for each other.

上個月Laura 和 Greg 拍了婚禮微電影,兩位新人超可愛,婚禮上有香料儀式,親人們跟新人把自己喜歡的香料都加在一起,混合出獨一無二的調味料,最後把這些調味料裝在瓶子裡當小禮物。證婚人最後還戴上哈利波特裡的魔法帽證婚,很有創意!

Video: Amy Hung Films and Photography Photography: Mike de Boer Photography Location: Lake Merrit, Oakland