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Nancy and Santos | Berkley, California

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?

We find that we enjoy looking at videos more than photos when we look back at memories. They capture a person's characteristics more. We also want to see our loved ones' reactions as we share this special moment with them.

Why did you pick Amy Hung Films?

We came across a Brazilian Room wedding film of yours, and we loved it. We watched more of your wedding films. What initially caught our eyes was the high quality and the hues. We love that you use audio from loved ones and the vows, and that it's not just music playing the whole time. Love that you mix video footage (not just the day in sequential order). We noticed that the music goes with the video too. We're so excited to work with you!

How did you meet?

In Fall 2013, I taught my first math class (college). (I had just graduated from UCR and was always a TA.) I had Santos as a student, and didn't think much of him because I never considered my students as anything more than that. One night, we were walking to class from the parking lot, so we walked together. Making small talk, he revealed his age, and I realized that college students could be my age. I didn't try to talk to him until after the semester ended. I was moving to SD and felt that I should take a chance. I sent him an email saying I was moving to SD and wanted to get coffee with him. It worked! Rest is history.

The proposal.

We planned to go to Brian Head to snowboard for We love hiking, so we found a hiking spot along the way to Brian Head. There is a river through a canyon, which is basically the end of the hike. We always talk about how we don't take enough photos or video, so he said let's take a photo in the canyon. He set up the camera and the gopro. I didn't think much of it. We "took the photo" and he talked about how much he loved me and he proposed. I was surprised because I had planned the trip, so I had no clue that this was in our agenda.

The venue/s? Why this place above anywhere else?

We love hiking and the outdoors. Southern California is very dry during the summer, so we wanted somewhere that would have lovely trees and a forest look.

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