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Laura and Pat | Soquel, California

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?

I wanted our wedding to be on video to see our reactions in motion instead of just as stills from the photographer, I believe that it will be truly fun to watch this over the years to remember the emotions of the day as they are happening on screen.

Why did you pick Amy Hung Films?

I love the way your videos flow and that you want to capture all of the sound from the ceremony and the speeches, I know it will mean a lot to have these recorded.

How did you meet?

Patrick and I met on a tennis court in San Francisco, we had both joined a social tennis league and ended up being on the same team. We played tennis a few times before he asked me out for drinks, I had no idea he was interested in me, I just thought he wanted to play tennis and loved finally having someone to get out on the court with

The proposal.

Pat proposed while we were on vacation with my family in Hawaii. My parents have a 2 bedroom time share on Kauai and we were able to go with them, my brother also was able to join us. The day of the proposal we went on an amazing snorkel trip along the coast and practically got to swim with dolphins, it was a magical and beautiful experience. Pat was very quiet the whole time and mentioned that he felt a little sick, so I thought he was sea sick all day. That evening my mom had me convinced we were taking family photos on our favorite beach, Shipwreck Cove, so we all dressed nicely and went to the beach. There is a really cool cliff that we climbed up to and took some photos. Pat pulled me aside under the premise to look for a sea turtle I had seen in the water below the cliff. He said he needed chapstick, put his backpack down to get it and never came back up! I turned around to him down on one knee with a ring box out, I wish I could remember what he said but it was all a blur! He asked me to spend my life with him and I said yes, I think, I may have just nodded profusely. My parents were taking pictures and had champagne and Hawaiian wedding leis for us, we then went and had fun cocktails to celebrate. It was a wonderful day!

The venue/s? Why this place above anywhere else?

We picked this venue because we both wanted everything to be outdoors and at one location. We wanted a garden feeling like we kept finding at wineries but without the winery, Pat requested a more rustic feel with a barn or redwoods. A family friend recommended this venue and it is perfect. All outdoors, beautiful gardens and a lawn in front of a barn for Pat. It's going to be wonderful

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